Business School Financial Aid Links

Business School Financial Aid Links

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Scholarships Search

  • Petersons's Scholarship Central - A scholarship search from Peterson's
  • - The most comprehensive Web site for local, national and college-specific scholarships. Get a personalized list of scholarships you're qualified for from their database of 1.3 million awards. Use this excellent resource to get free money for your education.
  •'s Scholarship Search - More than three billion dollars in aid is available here



Grants and Loans

  • Financial Aid Basics - A good list of links for general financial assistance
  • Funding your MBA Program - Information on the type and sources of financial aid that are available from
  • - Offers great resources on learning about financial aid, terms, fees, rates, applying, repayment and more
  • - An online guide to student loans from the Student Loan Network



Scholarships - Geographically-Specific

The Business School Scholarship Guide

Updated with dozens of new scholarships!

Business scholarships come from schools, businesses, professional groups and many other sources - but you have to be pretty determined just to track them down. The real trick is tracking down the right one for you.

This article, by's Ward Allebach, offers a practical approach for tracking down and winning scholarships that will help you on the path to your career in business. It covers the best places to look for business scholarships, how to keep track of all the possibilities, how to apply for and win the best scholarship for you, many of the pitfalls to watch out for along the way, and many of the simple tricks that will get you noticed!

It also includes links to dozens of business scholarships, some of which may be right for you. Good luck!

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